Have Some You Time Simple, Healthy Ways to De-Stress Your Day

Reducing stress

The busy, hectic and chaotic lifestyles we lead today are without a doubt having a negative effect of our health and well being. Whatever happened to taking the time to stop and smell the roses?

Depending on the situation, distressing can be as simple as taking a few moments to yourself and counting to 10, however there are many ways in which you can ensure you day runs smoothly and you maintain a stress free state of mind. Here’s a few of our simple top tips to a stress free day. Get in touch today!

Make time for breakfast

Eating a sensible, healthy breakfast will without a doubt give you the energy to get ready for the day ahead. By not concentrating on your rumbling stomach till lunch time, you will be more focused and productive allowing you to get more done and prevent being overwhelmed later in the afternoon.

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Plan your day ahead

Creating a simple to-do list for the day, assembles the tasks for the day and organises them, eliminating the chance that you later get the feeling of forgetting something important. Find out how to stay organised.

By prioritising the day’s duties and noting them down you get a sense of achievement as you tick them off. Then when you do need time to relax you can be safe in the knowledge that your trusty to-do list will keep you on track.

Staying efficient at work!

Being at work can cause people to be stress, simply just by the room layout. A office area that is gloomy and dark can cause employees to become stressed and far less efficient if the room with bright and comfortable.

Bringing extra natural light into a room can easily be done with a few installations. Install more windows, including skylights and rooflights. Also, repaint the office to a bright, neutral colour, allowing light to bounce off the walls and light the room up.